where do I stand with fiancé and his baby's mom

Courtneyrae85 - posted on 08/07/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Ok this isn't your ideal situation I will try to make a short version of it... My bf and I broke up after a year of dating. We split up for 3 mos during which time I still went to him w/ problems & stayed in touch w/ him but we didn't hang out only texted now & then. we started dating again & 2 weeks later found he got a girl pregnant while we were broken up. They did not date only hung out a few times and drank together. I was devastated & was flooded w/ emotions! They discussed adoption but in the end she decided to keep the baby. I reacted horribly and immaturely and emailed her I never threatened her or anything like that but said a few nasty things i let my emotions get the best of me. Not even 5 min after hitting send I emailed & apologized she didn't accept my apology which was understandable I did what I could to make it right. Ieft her alone til 4 mos later when she had her ultrasound & I simply emailed congratulating her on it being a girl she still responded nastily & i left it at that. About 6 mos along she decided to meet up w/ me so we could move past everything and get to know each other. We had coffee and talked things went well we starting texting each other about the baby & later we all her, her parents, my fiancé his parents & myself went to supper together. Now all of sudden my fiancé is going to meet his baby for the first time & she has turned on me again and wants me to have nothing to do with it just out of the blue after all the talks we had! she says he can only see the baby at her parents or his parents house while she is there and I cannot come. I feel very upset and left out considering how things played out. Maybe I feel more upset b/c I am not the other woman or the new girlfriend she's the other woman in this situation. Why do u think she is out casting me after all the meetings and conversations we had to move forward in a positive way for the child? How would you feel if you were me? I have helped me fiancé come to terms with this I have been supportive 100% I have helped him pick out & buy everything he will need for a baby, have asked about every doctors app., lawyer meeting etc. etc. I am a single mom myself and never had problems with my sons stepmom we've always got along great. My fiancé and this other girl have never had children.

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