Where do you hide the presents?

Amy - posted on 11/14/2011 ( 14 moms have responded )




Just wondering where other moms hide the kids presents since it's that time of the year. My kids aren't old enough to look for them quite yet however we use every room of the house so it's pretty difficult to find a hiding space where the kids don't have access. We have a basement but my husband's workshop is down there so the kids are always with him. The attic access door is in my sons room so it's difficult to get stuff into it while he's not home.

I just had to call my neighbor to ask to use her address to have my daughters kitchen set delivered too so my son wouldn't be asking what's in the box. UGH!!! LOL so where is your secret hiding spot?


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Patricia - posted on 12/05/2011




I used an old storage tub on top of the sewing machine cabinet for years. When that got found out I started putting them in the tubs that Christmas decorations are in the rest of the year. She never did catch on to that.

Kimberly - posted on 11/21/2011




I put some of the gifts in the top of my closet wrapped in black plastic bags or for the most part I hit the big toy sales so you can layby til xmas which as means free storage and noone can find them lol!!!! My daughter is only two so isnt a big problem but my niece and nephew know how to look for presents and know I keep stuff in the top!!!! I also have an extra cupboard in my bathroom that I could use if need be. Hiding the presents inside suitcases work well too!

Tamara - posted on 11/21/2011




Luckly we just moved so we have sealed boxes in the basement, my room and the garage still so I just boxed them put 'Dads Old Books' on the heavy ones and 'Dads old Models' on the light ones then stacked them in the basement and no one even gave them a second thought.

We have been getting 95% online for the years past and Hubby gets tons of stuff as well all year so I just complain about yet another model or book when the ups guy comes they complain and mumble too and I would just toss it in the closet under the stairs after they were gone to bed check in the box to make sure it was right then retape it.

Stifler's - posted on 11/20/2011




bahaha I am too slack to buy presents earlier in teh year so I do all the xmas shopping last minute. I have no need to hide them as Damo usually knows what he's getting anyway.

Tinker1987 - posted on 11/20/2011




Mine were always hidden in my parents closet,as a kid i spoiled it by peeking. i plan to put mine in a closet,as well.

Michelle - posted on 11/20/2011




We have a full basement under our garage so for the time being the presents are out there, my son is getting to the age where he might start looking for them so we have his hiding in our closet behind my husbands hoodies up high where he can't reach to look in the bags.

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I had to have my daughter's play kitchen sent to my in laws. They are holding on to it until Christmas for us. I try to wrap gifts right away. Then they go under the bed until the tree is up, or the birthday comes.

I know my mom hid my presents in her closet. I never had any interest in looking. The one time I went looking for something my mom had hidden, I couldn't find it. She then got home and pulled it out. It had been in plain sight the entire time.

Kate CP - posted on 11/20/2011




Usually in the top of the closet in my room. When they're old enough to start looking for the gifts I don't plan on hiding them any better. If they want to spoil the fun for themselves they can. Even as a child when I KNEW where my mom hid the presents I wouldn't go looking for them. I liked the surprise on Christmas morning. :)

Marta - posted on 11/20/2011




I hide the gifts in the trunk of my car lol i get to the wrapping when they'er in school.. ; ) But i tell yah, when we'er not paying attention they'er looking all over the place when it's that time of year lol

Amanda - posted on 11/14/2011




My bedroom closet, this is a off bounds area for all my children 365 days a year. The older kids know the presents are there, and know they best not go near them.

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