Which activities we should do for 4 years old


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Do you mean like extra curricular activities and sports or like activities you do at home together?

When my son was 4 years old, he started Taekwondo and Baseball--one individual sport and one team sport to develop his social and cooperative skills. We also did an art class and a music class for fun and to develop his imagination and inspire creativity, but they were sporadic and done only on an "as wanted" basis, about once or twice a month each. We also partook in a beginners book club where they would read a story then discuss it in small groups at the library, and some informal playgroups where he could free play with other children his age.

At home, we were pretty relaxed and just played. He loved building with blocks--in fact, he still loves them. We had wooden blocks, legos, and these giant foam things. Cars were great, we devised all kinds of races or lined them up and sorted them by physical aspect. We spent a lot of time drawing, painting, or sculpting with homemade play dough (very cheap, and softer, so easier on little hands, and you can bake the really good ones to keep forever.) Plus actually making play dough is a fun activity on its own. On rainy days we lit candles or put a fire in the fireplace (just be aware of safety) and cuddled up to read books together or make up stories. One of his favorite activities was to make up a story, I would write it out, then we would draw pictures and bind it together into his own little book. Now, you can even scan the pictures onto your computer and have an actual book made at places like shutterfly or snapfish. We looked at old pics from my childhood and tried to put them in chronological order, so he was learning timeline concepts and getting a history of his family.

There are lots of things to do with 4 year olds, you can pretty much do anything you want, within reason, and they will learn from it.

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