Which is better for gas for my 1 month old, Similac or Enfamil?

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My 1 month old has been having very bad gas pains. The gas drops don't seem to be helping her. She doesn't throw up nor does she have unusual stools. My pediatrician suggested I switch from Enfamil Premium to Enfamil Gentelease. I had a feeling that Similac for gas would be better and it was also the only kind I could find in the store. Does anyone have any input?


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My son had colic and cried ALOT.I switched him to soy formula(we gave Simalac,but I do not think the brand matters).
We also either held him after we fed him or put him in a seat or a swing so he was at a angle.
We also gave mylacon drops,and that helped him,but other moms have talked about something called gripe water,and they said that was helpful.
What also helped him is when he was crying is we bent his legs up toward his belly to help him get the air out

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