Who Do I Believe - My Daughter or My BF

Gail - posted on 01/13/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi could I pls get peoples thoughts on this problem.
I have known a guy for about 7 years and we have had an on/off relationship.
He decided to help me help my daughter who had a drug addictions. He leased a 2 storey house and she lived upstairs.
I warned him when he suggested it: Be careful she will rip you off, she is a very strong person and has a drug addiction, that will come first. Don't blame me when the s.... hits the fan.
It lasted 3 months, he kicked her out for not paying rent, partying, etc and she ended up back home.
My friend P ended up staying on in the house, ending up depression and blamed my daughter for it all.
For the next 6 months he constantly bagged out my daughter to me, refused to stop talking about it, then came out and said when he kicked her out some guy threatened him with a gun.
I was horrified.
My daughter is now free from her drug addiction - and has since tried to apologise to him, he refused to listen.
My daughter has apologised for being such a horrible person and wished she could take it all back.
When I asked her about the threats she said that they never happened, she knows nothing about it.
(I dont know what to believe).
My daughter has now told me P took her to get her boobs measured for a boob job before they moved in, he was always angry when she had guy friends there and that 1 night she woke to find him laying next 2 her in her bed.
I cant help thinking:
Is this why he was so angry.
was her so depressed because she rejected him.
Has he painted her as black as he can because he was rejected.

Did P my friend have an Alterior Motive??
I dont know what to believe...... my daughter who was a drug addict or my male friend who is 40.

Please let me know what you think


Michelle - posted on 01/13/2013




I would stop worrying about who is right and wrong. It's in the past.

If your friend can't stop going on about it then it's probably best to cut ties with him. Your daughter is now clean and I think you need to work on building your relationship with her instead of him.

It sounds like it was a hard time for everyone.

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