Who else is just plain bored?

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I don't want to paint my nails and do small things for me. Don't care what I look like. If I want something, I'll grab a nap while hubby watches the baby. Mostly...... I find that I am so fully exhausted from watching my kid and being 3rd trimester pregnant that I have no energy to do anything. I can't focus on a TV show that requires any brain power....... don't want to read a book as I wouldn't be able to focus on it either. He's started talking/screaming and pulling himself up on furniture too so there's not much of anything that I feel I can do because he's now in my lap constantly and talking makes it hard to listen to TV. I can't do my artsy/brain dead activities because baby gets into every no - no (scissors, glitter, beads, glue, etc) so I feel very frustraited lately not being able to do......... well...... anything. What do you guys do for fun? Do the 10 minutes here and there during the day when you aren't watching the kids so intently? I'm at a loss suddenly. Also, my son has decided my computer is a smacking tool so I haven't been able to be online as much. Booooooooooored lol help


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Im so damn bored ive decided to try to go back to work! I love bein with my kids but the "little" things here and there for myself have gotten old real fast,house work is a lost cause with a toddlar constantly runnin around and a baby gettin mobile. It takes almost everything I have just to pluck my damn eyebrows now. I cant really read anymore (i think i need glasses) without constantly moving the book closer and farther away from my face lol. It seems the only thing I take an interest in anymore aside from kids is farmville on facebook lol

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I know how you feel about not being able to concentrate on anything! I can't watch a show, it bores me, Movies are too long and I get bored, scrapbooking I have no inspiration so it's a no go, books that aren't baby books require effort. I seem to only be able to concentrate on CoMs LOLOLOL

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