Who had huge differences with pregnancy one and two?

Tina - posted on 01/06/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello Everyone!!

My fiance and I just found out that we are expecting our first child together, I am very newly pregnant roughly about 4 weeks and 5 days. Finding out this early is insane for me, I have a daughter whom will be 2 in April and that little girl did not want anyone to know about her. I took literally over 30 tests over a 4 month period- all different brands and types but always got a negative. Looking back now and seeing how sick I was should have been a huge indicator but to be honest I had no insurance and I was ALWAYS sick. I was couch hoping at the time, just not living a healthy life, this was before I found my path to mental clarity. I was an undiagnosed mess walking around sick as hell and thought I was.... Well sick as hell.... I finally decided to take another test before I forced myself to take another 700 dollar fee from the er and well, it finally said positive. Mind you I had periods every month, I was losing mass amounts of weight I really did not think I was pregnant. Upon making it to the obgyn I found out I was not only pregnant but TWENTY WEEKS PREGNANT!!! As you can guess I was shocked and terrified, I had an ultra sound that day and she was already a baby..... Not the little smudge you normally see with someone's first ultra sound...... OH MY!!! She turned out to be extremely healthy and was born April 2014. Since them I have been doing very well in my life, I have my own home, I own a car, I have a license and insurance, my daughter is well taken care of and I am happily engaged! Now after 6 long months of trying my fiance and I found out that we are expecting and I am no exaggerating.... I knew right away. First day after my missed period I was having pains in my left hip, I was so tired, I woke up feeling like I was going to throw up... Eating my normal foods made me sick, I just knew.... I tried a wal mart brand test and right away it came up positive on 1/1/16 and the day of my last period was 12/4/15... I just think it is bonkers how much of a difference has already been present.

PS: Any mom's diagnosed with borderline personality disorder with PTSD able to continue medication? I have read that my abilify cannot be ruled out as a risk and I have decided to remove it from my daily schedule. I do not fear coming off medication at all, I now have a wonderful support system at home and a network of doctors supporting me. I feel no where near where I was 2 years ago.

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