who will baby to be look like?

Sadio - posted on 06/29/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am worried as to how my baby will look. I am actually anxious to to rim. What determines whose genes are stronger?


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Michelle - posted on 06/30/2013




You'll find out when it's born. We have no idea on what you or the Father look like so can't tell you at all. It's a 50/50 chance of all sorts of character traits that your child can end up with.

Ev - posted on 06/29/2013




As she said, it depends on the genes that you are born with and also past sets of genes that are also in your genetic code from grandparents etc. My ex husband and I have two kids together. He and I are both brown haired, brown eyed, and I was fair skinned and he was fair to a point but could tan off easily in summer. As for facial looks that comes with the territory...kids could look like one or the other, neither, or a combo of both.

My daughter looks just like me, has brown hair and eyes. My son I am told looks like me a lot but I do not see it and others say that he looks like his dad. But I see my own father coming out in him in looks and in mannerisms. He has the dark hair, but very fair, more so than I am and he had my grandfather's eyes of blue. He has grown into eyes that change between blue and green depending on color of clothing or mood.

Amy - posted on 06/29/2013




Genetics is a very odd thing. Your baby could look like you or the father a combination of both or like neither of you. I'm very fair skin red hair blue yes my ex was olive skin tone dark hair hazel eyes. My oldest is the spitting image of me-fair skin, blue eyes, and has pin straight hair which neither if us had. My daughter looks like her father olive skin, hazel eyes and curly hair brown hair.

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