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I m a Single mother, I m having 16yr old son. I m residing with my parents from last 5 yrs with my son.My son has got stealing habits once he has taken money from my purse n went to a shop with my sisters daughter n bought toys for himself when he was in 3rd class. I have punished him hard also I had taken him to the shop from where he has bought that toys, the shopkeeper also helped me n she threaten him that she would give him to police.

Then he stopped all these things after when he was in 8th he has stolen Rs.100 from purse my brother in law also he has taken my fathers purse from which he got Rs.1700 n so many times he did these things. Twice he caught. so he told us how many times he has stolen money in front of my sister. we tried to inquire from him why he is doing so? He told that he is very angry with some peoples from our home so he did this.

My father n mother many times shouts him n me also unnecessarily. If we have not done anything wrong also then also they shout on us specially my father shouts at my son frequently & also some times slapped him even if not his fault. My parents always give thing to all childrens in family except my son. Their behaviour with us is not good specially my son.

Yesterday my mother told me that she has kept Rs.17000 in purse in a cupbard 10days earlier n now it is not there. She told me either me or my son has taken that money. I asked my son but he refused, he stopped this habbit. My mothers room is always locked. I have checked everything in room but dint find anything suspicious. My son is behaving very nicely from long time he is very busy in studies as he is in 11th now.

My mother is blaming both of us n told us that we both leave the house n live seperatly. I m very much in trouble n in much problem now. may be my parents is blaming wrong as they both hates him or my son has done this theft

Please tell wht can I do, shall I trust my parents or my son. Wht is the solution


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Well, lets see. You're living in your parents' home, you know that your son already has a record of being a thief, by your own admission, and you're questioning why your parents are suspicious of your son?

I'd be suspicious of him as well! He's already proven that he's a thief...in a pretty consistent manner, as well, if he's stealing Rs100-Rs1700 in a shot, and most recently may have 'helped himself' to well over Rs.10000! What are your parents supposed to do? Treat him like a celebrity? I think not.

Perhaps now is the time to stand on your own feet, move out of your parents home, and keep your kid away from temptation.

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