Whooping cough!

Lucy - posted on 01/22/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Just a heads-up to keep the "unusual" in mind when your kids get sick, because doctors won't always pick it up!

My 10 week old little boy got what seemed to be a cold when he was 3 weeks old, so I treated it with saline drops and figured it'd go away soon. I took him to the doctor when it had gone on for nearly 2 weeks with no improvement, to be told he has obviously got an infection and must take an antibiotic. The antibiotic didn't help at all, in fact he was getting worse and worse and developing terrible coughing fits where he would go red in the face and seem to be choking. I took him back to the doctor who said, "Well, it's been going on a while now, what's your family history of allergies?" Now, since I and my husband's brother both suffer from rhinitis we figured this was a good point, so we set about deep-cleaning the house to get rid of any possible triggers, but again this didn't help - he was still getting worse.

Fed up with all this, and sure we hadn't found the right answer, I took him to a different doctor, who took one look at him, immediately ordered a chest x-ray, and on the strength of that, admitted him straight to hospital and ordered tests. They came back positive for pertussis.

I am horrified to think that I was merrily going around for 7 whole weeks with a tiny baby who had whooping cough, just "hoping it would go away"! He is thankfully on the mend now, but it could have been much worse. He could even have died. And goodness knows how many other babies we have exposed to the illness while we had no idea he had it!

So my point is, don't rest with a "it's probably nothing" diagnosis if you feel it really isn't nothing. Doctors see similar symptoms that could point to hundreds of things, but we're better off erring on the side of caution with especially babies and small children - go with your gut and make sure you get to the bottom of the problem! I am saying prayers of thanks many times a day that the oversight of doctors didn't cost my child his life...


Kate CP - posted on 01/22/2012




This is also a good example of why everyone should get their pertussis boosters. The most common cause of pertussis transmission to newborns or your babies is from their caregivers. GET YOUR BOOSTERS, PEOPLE!


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Lucy - posted on 01/22/2012




Absolutely, vaccines were invented for a reason, let's use them! If only everyone thought that way we wouldn't have been through all this... Since we have had ours (had it done when my older boy had his baby jabs), it's a mystery where it came from.

Amanda, I wish it were that easy to keep sick kids at home, but for starters, someone has to do the shopping... Just really hoping we haven't spread it. He's now quarantined until the cough goes away, which could be months even :( So requiring a real life-style change, especially for poor big brother who is missing out on his usual play dates, but we do what we have to!

Amanda - posted on 01/22/2012




I was thinking the same thing Kate! Well put. Also a learning lesson about having your children out in public around other children while sick.

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