whos baby.im pretty sure my boyfriend but idk???

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the last time i ever messd wit anyone before i got pregant was a week or two before the end of july09 or maybe even couples days of the startin of Augustt09. I had my period in July and my period for august! i didnt mess wit anyone in august or the startin of September the guy im daten now came alone September 13thof 2009 & we had unprotected sex & i think he mite of cummed in me a lil but not sure but sepetember 15th09 we had uprotected sex again and he fully cummed in me! at the end of september i didnt have my period and i started feelin sick for a week so i took a test october 15th09 and it was +..would my baby be the first guy or my boyfriend now! kid?? Also after havein sex with the guy in July i went to the doctors cuz i felt like something was leackin out of me but i believe the doctor said it was a effection so i stoped messin wit him!! but everytime i do the conception calculater i type in my last period, & i believe it was August 22 or maybe the 24 idk but when my due date comes out it says it was May 28,2010.thats what the doctor gave me,but den i went for my first altra-sound and they changed it to June 14th.why is that?I had her june 13th 2010?? & to make that due date come on the calculator my last peirod would of been september 7th i think but i only have my periods at the end of the month so how does the work??.If anyone can help me that would be nice!!!


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If your conception date is sept 15th, your due date is the start of June, you prob didnt concive right on the date you had sex, so your boyfriend is your babies daddy. There is no way sex at the start of Aug would produce a due date in June.

But heres a word of advice.

2. Stop sleeping with guys the day you meet them.

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Take no notice of scan dates they are not completly accurate. So let me get this straight you had sex with two men in the same month and you are not sure which is the father. Or you had sex with one man then had a period and then sex with another. If you had a period and it was a normal period for you not very light or just pink blood then the first man can not be the father. The man you had unprotected sex in September is the father no doubt if you did not have sex with anybody else. Don't worry about scan dates mine were well off too. My daughter according to the scan dates was conceived in the middle of my period no fricking way was she. Don't beat yourself up on dates as long as you are sure in your mind who the dad is.


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Ok. Get a DNA test and be done with it. Nobody here is going to be able to predict your baby daddy. If you're unsure about it and they're (him and his family) unsure about it get a DNA test so everyone is satisfied.
And hun, FYI on sex ed: the withdrawel method is not a safe form of BC. It only takes one teeny, tiny little sperm to wriggle it's way to your egg. There is also such a thing as pre-ejaculation which contains tons of these little sperms. Also, the sperm can survive in your body for 72 hours.

When you 'predict' your due date or your doctor initially predicts it... it's a rough estimate of when you were ovulating. This generally occurs 14 days after the first day of your cycle. This is the time you can become pregnant. It lasts between 24-72 hours. The 14 day ovulation prediction is just an estimate as all of our cycles vary in length. Average between 24-32 days.

If you plan on having random sex... do yourself and would I be so bold as to say the rest of us who pay taxes? A favour. Use condoms and use back up birth control. You've already caught an infection and had an accidental pregnancy in a matter of a few months and don't even know who the father is. *eye roll* Get a clue sweetheart.

I have a hard time believing this is not a TROLL.

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thank u i just wannted someone to say that to me.that i didnt not get pregant by the guy in July.that woulda been inpossible i woulda been pregant for a year in june if it was by the guy in july!!!but no one believes me when i say that...& i knew the guy that i slept wit in July he was one of my friends that i knew for like 2 yrs. & then me and my boyfriend/my babydaddy, i knew him for like a year.he was tryin to get wit me since the summer of 08,october to december of 08-09,then in June 09 he tryed again,july 09 he tryed again. Den finaly in september of 09 i got wit him and now were totaly in love gettin marryed and have a lil baby girl..what life can do??LOL :)

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My boyfriends/babydaddy whole family wants to get a Dna test for the baby cuz she dont look anything like him but everyone says she looks exactly like me!!! Den some peeople that dont like my babydaddy trys sayin that my daughter looks like scooter the guy from July but i dont think she does,i dont see him or his sister!!but i also got told to that if she was scooters the guy from July i woulda had her in the middle of April,end of April or maybe the startin or middle of May but i didnt my due date was June 14th,2010 and i had her June 13th 2010.& my babydaddy has his doubts cuz his other babymama try tellin him i was messin wit another guy around the time i got pregant and i wasnt.& he belives me but hes scared to get a Dna test cuz he dont wnna find out if our daughter is not his!!!but i think our daughter looks like him sometimes..she has his pretty long black eyelashes, her eyebrows looks like his.like the eyebrows spike up between her eyes den their flat goin away from her eyes and her hair to me kinda looks like mine rite not but sometimes it looks like its gettin darker and her dad is mexican so he has black hair

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No i had sex wit a guy named scooter a week or 2 before the end of July of 2009,or maybe it coulda been 2 day of August of 2009..but i dont think it was...I have my periods at the end of the months!!I had my period for July and my period for August!! & i didnt mess wit anyone in August!!! nor the startin of septmeber!!! butt they guy im daten now is Abel! he came along September 13th,2009 we had sex that day i think he mite of cummed in me but i dontt think he did!!but we had sex September 15th,2009 and he fully cummed in me he didnt pull out or anything.then i didnt have my period at the end of September & i was feelin sick att the end of september but the startin of october so i took a test october 15th and it was positive and so that does make sence that my daughter is my boyfriend abels kid??? and it definitly wouldnt be the guy in July kid. & no when i had my peirod for July and August my periods were perfectly normal

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If you're really unsure get a DNA test. You need samples from your daughter and at least one of the guys (if it says the guy you got a sample from is not the father then the other guy obviously is). A DNA sample is the only 100% sure way of knowing.

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