whos last name should my baby have?

Nicky - posted on 08/22/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




im currently pregnant with my first child, and im not with the farther and dont plan to be with him. he is planning to be appart of the babies life. i dont know what i should do for my babies last name. mine, his or both. suggestions please. :)


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Shellie - posted on 01/21/2013




Yours if he won't be in your life baby don't need his name.undeserving of it.

S. - posted on 08/22/2012




If I was you I personally would go with just mine. This coming from first hand experience of giving my daughter her fathers name only for him not to be in her life for the past 8 years and she felt she didn't have a proper place in the family as know one shared her name (silly yes but who know's how a child's mind ticks) If up must include his name then I'd choose both names.
Also if baby has just his name be prepared to be called MRS (his name) instead of miss dalton.

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