wht makes a person bully someone?

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How can we STOP this from happening ? We need the advice from someone who has been a bully to others . What makes you do this?


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Yes and she does this she speaks her mind ,I've always taught her to do this .She is a Beautiful girl n speaks the Truth n her mind but she hardly has any friends n they play games with her always . She walks in the hall by herself she is a very strong person . They try to make her drink and drugs n she says No . I Do tell her too Learn how to deal with this cause it doesn't end when you get out of school it is Everywhere but as a Parent I still wish I could end this for All the kids who have taken their lives thinking there was No way out . My Heart goes out too their families and My Prayers .

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Look it up. Bullies can stem from a poor home environment, from being picked on themselves, from abuse...

What you, as parents can do, is teach your own kids how to handle it. How to stick up for themselves. How to not make themselves into a target for others (be strong, confident, etc, in yourself, others will not tend to victimize you).

You're not going to get any actual person who used to be a bully to chime in, because they don't see that they WERE bullies. In their eyes, they just "didn't put up with anyone's shit"

the only way to STOP anything is to ARM the victims. With self confidence. With praise. With love, and understanding, and support.

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