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Why is it that as toddlers they pick up after themselves.But as adults they don't. I miss the days when I used to take stuff away form them till they did what they were told. Now everything is theirs. How do we handle it now that they are adults


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If they are adults and it is driving you crazy kick their butts out. period. If they are adults they can get a job and pay their own bills. If they are still children (even teens) they can still have their things taken from them as that is YOUR right.

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Trish - posted on 01/10/2011




If they are adults they need to get out and get their own place. I have my own place but my 3 other adult siblings (22, 24, 27) still live at home with my parents. My brother (27) is the king of dirty and never tidies up after himself. My mum is like his maid...and I fight with my mum to kick him out. My brother is the only boy so he's spoilt big time....But I tell my mum this all the time kick all of them out...they're old enough to venture out in this big bad world. And as for my brother, she's not helping him when she's pick up after him. She's just teaching him it's okay to leave mess lying around. So for your adult kids tell them get off their lazy butt and pick up after themselves because when you're gone...no else is gonna pick up after them...So they better get use to it now. No excuses, as an adult they need to be responsible for their own self and it's for their own good. So Isabell this is your time to enjoy your freedom, your work of raising them is over...Tell them straight up as one adult to another "pick up after yourself...if not...move out and make a mess at your own house".

Carrie - posted on 01/31/2009




I moved back in with my mother after college, and she and I set ground rules.  My room was my domain, but I had to keep all my "junk" out of other areas of the house.  I also had to leave my light on in my room when I went out - so when she woke up at night she could tell if I was home (light on = still out, light off = back home) 

I hope that since they are adults they can sit down and have a rational conversation with you about it now.  I do agree that if they are leaving their crap everywhere it is absolutely fine to put it all in a garbage bag / laundry basket and just dump it in their room.

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If they are adults, let them live on their own. Make them get their own place. That should be a rude awakeing for him or her.

Christina - posted on 01/31/2009




I dont have any adult children but if your adult child is living under your roof, whether they are an adult or not they are still living in your house. So give them rules, if they wish to continue to live in your house then they need to obide by your rules, if they dont want to live by your rules... tell them they can start paying rent or find somwhere else to live.
They are adults now and they should start acting responsbily. Im sure you raised them to be responsible adults so thats how they should act.. even though you are an adult you should always respect your parents wishes b/c no matter how old you are your mom and dad will always be your mom and dad.


Kristian - posted on 01/31/2009




Do they still live with you? if so i would do the same thing or just start putting it in the trash. They get the it!

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