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i am 19 years old and My period is now 3 days late i have been getting my period a day early for a few months now i thought i was gonna get it the 11th instead of my actual day the 12th that i was suppose to get it. Does anyone know why it would be late? Also i dont have any sign of it coming like i normally get some zits on my face and have cramping a few days before it comes.


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Well, have you had sex recently?

Have you had an extraordinary amount of stress? That can affect cycle. Has there been a huge disruption in your life?

Um...lets see...have you been ill? Diet changes?

And, how regular were you up until this month? REason I ask is that my cycle didn't actually settle in until AFTER I'd had my firstborn...talk about screwy!

Any or all of the above can affect cycle. I knew one woman who (after being anorexic for years) finally got a regular period 5 years after kicking the eating disorder. Mine goes off if I'm stressed...sometimes by up to 5 days, and I can damn near guarantee you that if I'm going to travel anything over 100 miles, or be gone for more than 2 days, I'll have a period, even if I just had one a week ago! (which really pisses off hubby, especially if we're traveling w/out the kids...LOL)

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