Why am I so upset about my daughters break up with her boyfriend? you could see they loved each other it was something you don't see often in young couples then he went on vacation and cheated on her, since then they just can't come to terms with it, I feel the pain my daughter is going through i feel it like I am living it, I don't feel it's normal why am I so sick over it? I think because they truly reminded me of a real love story and now it's over.


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Chaya - posted on 08/28/2012




Because you don't wish your daughter to be going through this sort of stuff

Juliannemarie - posted on 08/28/2012




I feel for my daughters when they are in pain. They are only 2.5 and 4months..but I can imagine when they are teens I'll feel for them then too. I think its normal to have empathy for your children.

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