Why are prenatal vitamins so BIG?

Elfrieda - posted on 10/13/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a problem. I can barely swallow pills normally, it took me until my teens to learn to do it. When I'm nauseated from pregnancy, there is no better way to get me retching than to try to swallow one of those horse pills. It just does not work. When I was pregnant with my son, I took probably 12 the whole pregnancy. He's perfect, but I want to make it easier for me next pregnancy.

I've tried encasing them in jello to help them slide down easier. They swell up and it's disgusting.

I've crushed them and mixed them with honey. Gross!

I've tried and tried to swallow them and drunk cup after cup of juice, only to cough the stupid thing back up and have to go throw up because I put too much liquid in my belly.

When I tried to get advice about how necessary these pills are from the pharmacist, she just looked at me as if I wanted to go binge drinking.

Somebody tell me - are there such a thing as chewable prenatal vitamins? Or smaller ones? Names, brands, anything like that would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Brianna - posted on 10/13/2011




wow u sound just like me! :) but ive found a solution! i search chewable vitamins on the net and everything i found was in the us and wouldnt not ship to canada but then i talked to my health food store and they said they new of only one brand of chewable prenatals and they order them in special for me (im not pregnant yet but i wanted to start taking them before i started trying) the brand name is natures harmony called prenatal multivitamin & mineral chew. it doesnt taste the greatest in the world but i just eat one with my meal and as soon as i but some food in my month the taste is gone lol but thats just me some ppl like the taste.

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