Why are so many parents claiming their children are "gifted" without

Crystal - posted on 12/03/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I read for hour another topic on this site regarding this issue, some go on for days. I found most of the moms based their child's "gift" on maybe their reading level or minor isolated feats of accomplishments. There is a wealth of knowledge on the Web of all the criteria that would identify a child as gifted, I have to wonder how many of the mothers that post on this site has taken the time to review that info. We all as parents want to elevate our children to a level ofsuccess, but as I read the posts it seemed like there was a lot of bickering and grandstanding. Perhaps this post may encourage mom's to truly educate themselves with the available info that is so handy before someone is so bold as Tammy Breese when making the bold statement that both her older son and daughter are smarter than anyone else's child. Best of luck to those of you that are actually dealing with a "gifted" child, the challenges must be great. As for the rest of the moms trying to PUSH their uneducated guess of a gifted on the world, please make sure they are gifted and it's not just a case of being a parent who feels that they are a failure if they can't pass their kid off as being "gifted".

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