Why are you raising your child in whatever religion you're raising them in?

Aileen - posted on 11/29/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm taking a world religions class and it got me to thinking about this. What kind of values do you want to pass on? Personally, I'm a Heathen (indigenous N. European religion). I want to teach my daughter courage and honor and give her a positive sense of ethnic identity (not racist, but not rootless either) I was also raised in this religion so there's that too. My husband's not any religion at all, but he's agreed to raising her Heathen


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Dove - posted on 11/29/2012




I'm a Christian (raised SDA, but have been attending non-denominational for over 15 years) and it's part of my job as a Christian mother to raise my children to know God and to try and lead them towards their own personal relationship w/ Jesus Christ.

Lacye - posted on 11/29/2012




I am a Methodist. My husband doesn't really have a religion. I plan on teaching my child about my religion, to love and respect everybody no matter what and to always be truthful and honest with herself. In the end, I'm going to let her decide what she wants to believe in. I'm not going to push her one way or another because honestly I feel that religion is such a personal decision. If she chooses to be Methodist like me, that's great. If she chooses to be agnostic like her dad, that's fine too. It will be something she has to figure out for herself. The same will be said about my unborn son as well.

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