Why can be a father be irresponsible and have the same right as the mother who is very responsible

Joann - posted on 10/03/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




When I was pregnant, I told my ex-boyfriend that he's the father. We decided to work it out and get back together again. I gave him a car for free so it would be easier to visit us. Anyhow, after our baby girl was born...he is still a little bit attentive...for a week. After that he comes less and less, phone calls stopped, texting me and telling me that he loves me becomes limited. After a little over a month he finally broke with me...I tried to get back with him for the sake of our daughter and we actually got back together again. After a month he broke with me again saying that he doesn't have any time with me. This is guy that visit his daughter probably 6 hours a week at most, hasn't given me at least a dollar to support his daughter, and barely communicate with me. What I don't understand is how come no matter how irresponsible a father could be, they could still have the sam right as the very responsible mother to their child. It's very unfair and sexist. Many of my friends said that he's a jerk and stupid...I was thinking how guys can act so irresponsible to their child can have the same right by law as the respponsible parent. Why do the responsible mother have to wait until the father of their child finally decide to be a responsible parent. Women usually suffer in the relationship and end up being responsible to raise and support their own child as if childbirth wasnt painful enough.

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