Why can't you do squatting exercises after 36 weeks?

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I came across a video on youtube, there are several of them broken down into minutes of prenatal exercises. Just a typical squat pose, and the captions came up saying do not perform this after 36 weeks, if your baby is breech or have hemoroids. I can understand the last two reasons, but I have neither problems, my baby is heads down, I'm 37 weeks and 5 days, due Oct 22. I can still perform the squat, doesn't hurt, haven't done it lately, been having the normal pubic/pelvic pain when I walk/roll over in bed. Does the squatting effect dialation/effacement of the cervix? I don't know if I started dialating yet, where I go, the doctors check when you're 38 weeks, not sooner like some other doctors do.


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The main point I'm getting at is it said "after 36 weeks" not included with the other problems. I just thought could it lead to stretching yourself too much or causing contractions, make the baby crown, those things.

Katherine - posted on 10/06/2012




Well if it says don't do it if you have a breech or hemorrhoids then honestly why are you asking? You can probably do it then.

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