Why do custodial parents treat the child like they're their property??

Brittney - posted on 09/28/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I know someone who does this. She denies visits because she is jealous that the dad moved on. She has actually said "you won't date me. so i have the right to deny visits". They were her exact words. I know other people like this also. Why do woman do this? What makes them believe they have the right to break the law and stop a parent from seeing their child? Anyone with personal experience please give you input. f you are the custodial parent, do people honestly believe that if the non custodial parent rejects them then they have the right to do this stuff?


Michelle - posted on 09/28/2014




You have already asked this.
To be honest, Mothers that do this aren't going to admit it here. No I'm not one of those Mothers. I do 50/50 shared care and have done for 9 years. I would never use my children as possessions to taunt my ex with. I love my children too much for that.

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