why do i feel like my 6 week old doesn't like me


Liz - posted on 02/07/2013




Without any further information to explain, I'm not sure that anyone can venture an opinion that might help you!

I'm sure your baby doesn't dislike you. All he's really concerned about at this point is that he's warm, dry, doesn't hurt, doesn't have icky diapers for very long and gets to eat when he's hungry. The fact that you think he dislikes you is probably more indicative of the issues that you are having, understandably, in a tough period after birth.

Are you having difficulties bonding with him? Has this always been the way since you guys left the hospital? Did you have a difficult birth that has made bonding harder? Are you getting enough support? Is he particularly cranky?

Tell us a bit more and the ladies here might be able to give you some advice.

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