Why do some direct sellers continue to break rules?

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It is illegal for US-based direct sellers to sell or recruit in Canada - it is also against their company policies -- AND YET -- some high pressure over-zealous reps from Origami Owl have tied up almost all names for websites, Fb pages, etc. for their company and they post ads such as "Buy OO in Canada !" and then we get directed to their US phone number! First, that is deceptive. Second, it is unethical and illegal and third : this is REALLY an insult to Canadian women who would like to succeed with OO as soon as it gets licensed in Canada. With all direct marketing/networking companies, it is the FIRST ones to start in a country that achieve the highest results. When US-based consultants tie up all the social media, it makes it impossible for people in OUR OWN COUNTRY to achieve success. This also causes resentment towards the company that turns a blind eye to this "cheating" ....it looks like the company itself has no appreciation for Canada or its people or the market here. No wonder so many countries are losing respect for the US - it is because of the arrogance and bullying tactics of some of the sales people!

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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 09/15/2014




Why should corporations bother following rules/regulations, when the majority of private citizens feel free to ignore the same restricitons on websites, etc.

If you received a GC from a relative for a product not available in your area, perhaps you should contact the relative directly for a list of vendors that you may be able to get the product from.

If you have a list of vendors, but do not wish to use them because they are not based in your country of origin, then go back to my first suggestion. Your OP is ranting about a company that will not heed direct sales restrictions in Canada, but your response is regarding your lack of being able to use a gift certificate. Two totally separate issues.

And, Jodi wasn't proving any point. She said, if you're a seller, and feel that you are being treated unfairly due to company policy or lack of such, then don't deal with them. She responded based on your OP...

Oh, and your line about why the US is losing respect due to 'bullying tactics of salespeople'...How about I say Canada has lost worldwide respect because they are the home country of Justin Bieber? Same tactics there, neither is a truthful statement.

Jodi - posted on 09/15/2014




LOL, I am not from the US, so I'm not quite sure what point I proved. I was simply saying that maybe you should find something that treats you better as a seller. You DO have choices too.

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I have written to Origami Owl as I feel that a company deserves to know which of their consultants is hurting their image.

Michelle - posted on 09/14/2014




Have you sent this rant to the company themselves?
That would get you further than posting it here. I'm in Australia so it doesn't affect me the way it does you.
Jodi wasn't being rude though, she was just stating that maybe you should find a company that treats their direct sellers better.

[deleted account]

To respond with "S don't sell the product" is really petty. Obviously I do not sell "OO" as I am in Canada - BUT I received some a a gift from my cousin and would like to sell it -- was just commenting on the rudeness of some people after searching on the web. Seems like the rudeness is wider than I thought. Thanks, Jodi, for proving my point. Have a nice day.

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