why do stay at home mums sometimes feel like they are lazy?


Louise - posted on 05/10/2012




It is far easier to go to work and sit behind a desk all day than it is to entertain a three year old that is in to every thing. Work is a breeze! My daughter wants to be entertained from the minute she gets out of bed until she gets back in it. Everything to "read me a book please" "teach me the words" sing with me, draw with me, play this game with me, can we do some cooking. At the end of the day after the house hold chores have been fitted in as well I am knackered. My daughter has a real hunger for knowledge and keeping her stimulated is a full time job in it's self. Do I feel lazy hell no! The lazy ones are the ones that palm their kids off on someone else.


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SAHM sometimes feel lazy because they are not getting up and going to work. Their work is right there from the time they get out of bed until the crawl back in. And even then if there are small ones, the work does not stop.

But when you look around at the end of the day, seems like anything that you did accomplish was undone before you got out of the room.

When someone works a desk job, the piles of files go down.
When someone works out a sense of accomplishment comes from others telling you that they see what you have done.

How often does someone tell you they can see you vaccuumed AGAIN?
How often does it feel like an accomplishment to eat a meal you made yourself rather than open a box and heat it?
How often are the clean clothes that the "clothes fairy" does for the family noticed.

This is why SAHM's feel like they are lazy. Most of them are harder workers than the moms who work out, simply because we can't leave our work at work. It rides around in our back pocket all day/week/month long. When was the last time you took a holiday from the SAHM? When did you feel entitled? Probably never, yet moms who work out are entitled to xx weeks holidays a year. Good luck on this one SAHM.

We don't need the praise, or someone looking over our shoulder to tell us what we should do next. We just do, at our own pace and what we are supposed to do.

Remember, your kids don't come home to an empty house and have to make supper themselves because you had to stay at work late. You are at work!!! Home or not cause you run for everyone in the house.

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I am a stay at home mom/gramma, and I have to tell you this is a great question. I sometimes feel like this. I am home all day with my GB and my son is in school, but I feel like I am lazy because I dont contribute to the household monetarily. We decided it was cheaper for me to stay home then pay for childcare but, when he belittles you for asking for money to even go get an ice cream treat, how can you not feel bad. I cook clean doc appointments school meetings, middle of nite bad dreams, up with the bus, showers baths, hugs kisses bedtime stories. The many gramma I need you, and mom what would you do or hey did you hear. I am the go to person for everything.. I am not exaggerating about this, hubby has become so closed off to anyone under the age of 30. So while I am exhausted from all of my laziness, I still feel like I do not do enough. Not to mention somewhere in there I should try to be intimate are you freaking kidding me!!!! My doing nothing all day has worn me out and you think I have the energy to coddle you too?

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