Why do teenagers choose to keep the baby?Unrealistic expectations?

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Here's a statement i read from this book..
"Many teenage mothers had unrealistic expectations both that their relationship with the baby's father would continue and about the reality of teenage parenthood.One year on,50% of the relationships with the baby's father had broken down,"
What do you guys think?Agree or any further opinions to add on?Would love to hear what teenage mothers think about this.


Firebird - posted on 09/03/2011




I was 3 months away from 20 when I had my daughter, so I'll use what I've seen from friends to form my opinion. I'd imagine some teens do have unrealistic expectations but that can't be said for all. I had to friends in high school that got pregnant at 16 and both kept their babies. They kept them for the same reason a normal woman of any age would keep a surprise pregnancy. One had left her boyfriend before she knew she was pregnant, the other was with her boyfriend for several more years and a second child. Neither one finished high school on time, and neither expected to. Actually from what I saw of them, they both got better that they expected they would.

Now a third friend who got pregnant at 17. She was delusional. She thought that a baby would bring love into a loveless relationship. Of course that backfired. I think being a mom was harder and more restricting than she thought it would be, so she abandoned her daughters and their father has full custody.

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