why do u love someone so much to put up

Cecilia Marie - posted on 08/03/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I been with my husband since my lil girl was three and put up with alot of him he's just cheated on me about 7 months ago and yes call me dumb I stayed with him. It's like my love for him is so strong we been throw alot togeather we had to live in a church when we did'nt have no place to go. and when he was on drugs I was there helping him throw it untile I could not handle it no more got our kids and left him he stopped and went for me. Then when we got out of the church we moved with his dad cps came and took me and the kids away moved us in a shelter untile he got out of jail to get us a bigger place to live and now he moved us where his sisters and mom lives and he cheated on have a real bad feeling he cheating on me agian with his sisters friends and they don't care if he dose they don't like me becaues I bitch to much of him drinking will I am at home with the kids I am going to be having our fith baby in sept I don't no why I can't leave this man and why I have so much love for him. tonight he finly hit because I was so mad because he was leaven me alone agian so I started yelling at him.I can't trust him our his family here. so agian I pray how do I leave


Neva - posted on 08/04/2012




What you describe is not love. You are in an abusive situation. You think that you love him because you are so afraid of being alone that you would allow him to hit you and cheat on you. What you think of as love is really a fear of being alone. It sounds as if your self esteem is zero and you probably don't think that you deserve better. That's what abusive relationships do. For you and your children's sake, you must leave this relationship. Go to a shelter, call an abuse hotline and make a plan to get out. You do not want your children to think that this is what a relationship should be. You and your children deserve much better than this. If you can't leave for your sake, then leave for your children's sake because even witnessing abuse changes who they are and changes their brain patterns making it more likely that they will suffer from depression and low self esteem themselves.

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