Why do young girls ages 10-12 wear inappropriate clothing?

Rebecca - posted on 08/29/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




This is my mom's account and I asked her if I can ask something sorry if it's long. Why do most kids who are younger than I am or the same age wear so much makeup, high heels, have boyfriends and girlfriends, thongs, and all that? I can't even date until I'm probably 15, 16, or maybe even 18 so why do some young preteens make out and do things that parents don't allow them? I'm 12 and I even saw some 10 year olds who do stuff like that! I never thought of this topic until my mom pointed out that she knows 10 and 11 year olds do makeup. I'm actually only allowed to wear lip gloss, my mom doesn't care whether it is pink, red, no color or not as long as I do it properly and not use that much. I can wear at least a little eyeliner in parties, but I don't party so it's a nono for me too. They wear lots of eyeshadow big time and bright red lipstick, and some kids put eyeliner UNDER their eyelids. I see kids in my class wear clothes that only go up to their belly button and I'm the only girl in my class who wears clothes up to my waist besides my two other girl friends. Is that appropriate?


Ev - posted on 08/30/2014




I have to agree totally with Gena. I disagree totally with Nicole. Girls who think they need to wear those clothes, wear that much makeup, and heels for confidence are getting the wrong message. IT has nothing to do with confidence and good self-esteem. I do understand a lot of girls no matter the age wear it because the other girls do it. But honestly, some of those girls wear it because there are underlying issues of confidence, self-esteem, and other things that using the clothing, makeup and shoes makes them feel better because it hides the root of the problems. And Nicole, clothes, makeup and shoes do not a person make. Its what is inside the person that counts. I think you need to reevaluate the reasons behind wearing those clothes. If its because its a style thing, that is one thing, but sometimes its because people are hiding what is really going on.

Nicole - posted on 08/29/2014




I believe that girls should be able to wear whatever they want/ feel comfortable in. Why does someone's choice in clothing have anything to do with anyone else? If you don't want to wear makeup and high heels, you sure don't have to, but you shouldn't judge anyone else on what there wearing. It's only skin. If a girl has enough self confidence to wear more revealing clothing, then I salute her. Self confidence is a good thing, and I love how young girls are confident enough to wear the things they do.


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Gena - posted on 08/30/2014




I honostly disagree with Nicole. I dont see why 10/12yr old GIRLS should be wearing so much make up and revilieng so much skin! I can only imagine that they are trying to catch attention by the boys..and at that age boys shouldnt be a priority. Yes maybe some girls are doing it to be "in" because some other mothers let their 10yr olds wear a ton of make up,heels and so little clothing. But i personaly find it not ok...thats why i am pro uniform at school. And i find you have way more self confidence to walk around without wearing make up and showing your skin!!! When you grow up you can still wear make up,party etc..but for now enjoy being 12!

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