Why does he do this??

Courtney - posted on 06/05/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter father and I are split up from each other we came to a argeement that was in the best interest for our family until we can solve our problems and if we can't the the agreement still stands. That's all ok with me as long as I have my daughter. Anyways I picked her up from him the other day I went to put the bags in the car and she was screaming her head off while I was gone. He told me that he gave her the rest of her meds and I said I guess we will be goin to the
Doctor. We went the next day and she gave me a sample of meds and to come back if it doesn't help. She has been fine with me until her dad came to get her. He started questioning me about the meds, then stated she was too little for the meds that the doctor gave me and that he was throwing it away. I called the pharmacist at walgreens and he said that it was ok for her to take the meds she just couldn't take it more than 4 times a day. I called him back and told him what I was told by the pharmacy. He told he that the doctor called him and told him the same thing. I later received a call from his mom questioning me about the meds that the doctor had given to me for my daughter. She told me that he said that he called the doctor and that she was never brought to the doctor by me and that they would never give a infant that type of meds. Wow ok buddy!! He is really lying to prove I'm unfit mother to our daughter. he says she isn't acting normal umm hello maybe our spit is starting to affect her now. I asked everyone who has seen her since I've had her and they all have said she has been acting normal. She has been fine with me so why all of a sudden is she not normal. He doesn't have anything against me for being a unfit mom and either he is trying to make everyone believe I'm unfit or he is trying to get me to blow up about him lying on me.


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My husbands ex does the same thing to him. She makes him look like the worst person in the world to every one including his son. She even has him call his Dad by his name and not Dad. There always seems to be a mean parent in a split and its sad. These people used to love the other so much and now are completely different. As long as you know that it is safe for your child then you shouldnt have to prove it to others. If he wanted to try to say your unfit just make sure you have something from the Doctor saying that it is ok. Hope things work out for you

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