Why does my 15 year old daughter favourite her dad and totally thinks I am terrible. She changes like night and day. I cook, clean do groceries, make lunches, but all she loves is her dad. She is nice to me when she wants something. She hates when I go out every Wednesday with my girlfriend. She cuts me up all the time for no reason.


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Erica - posted on 11/22/2012




My husband is a counselor who works with teens and their parents. 1st you should stop doing things for her. If it doesn't get done, it doesn't get done. You are not making her lunch; she can go hungry if she doesn't make her lunch. Let her learn the hard way. If parent and early adolescent have a good relationship, the child will not defy or disobey in the early years and may nit in the late years.

Dove - posted on 11/22/2012




I didn't like my mom from the time I was a little girl until I was 25 and had my own kid.

Maybe you annoy her (not saying you are annoying, but that was MY problem w/ my mom). She'd even ask why she annoyed me cuz she didn't WANT to be annoying.... and I had no answer for her... which made her try and press for an answer... which made her even more annoying.

Sorry... none of that probably helps you any.

Michelle - posted on 11/22/2012




She's 15. Plus you probably hand out the punishments and do most of the discipline so of course she's going to "hate" you more. Dad is usually the "fun" one because he's working all day and doesn't have to deal with the everyday complaints.

A 15yo doesn't care who does the shopping, cleaning etc. As long as there is food in the house and clean clothes that great! I would stop making her lunch though. My boys are 11 & 8.5 and they both make their lunches for school. They also do their own laundry and have to fold and put away their own clothes.

In a way you have enabled her behavior because you have been doing everything for her and she just expects it now.

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