Why does my 2 yr old granddaughter suddendly dislike coming to my house?

Cheri - posted on 06/24/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




A little background info: my daughter & son-in-law have 3 kids, 15 yrs, 13 yrs. and & 2 yrs old. Both daughter & son-in-law work for our sheriff's department, and up until 2 months ago worked the same shift. I watch the 2 yr old one week during work days, and my parents watch her the other week. When my daughter changed from corrections to patrol 2 months ago she went from working Mon-Fri. every week to one week working Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat, on my week and Sun, Wed & Thurs on my parents week. She goes to work earlier than my son-in-law so he drops the baby off to who she goes to 3 days at my house, 2 at my parents. When she is here she does fuss when daddy leaves but as soon as he is out the door she's fine. We color, watch cartoons,sometimes bake, and she plays by herself in her room by herself for about 30 mins at a time a couple times a day, and we go outside for about 30 mins when weather permits, but we live in a hot & humid area & I am heat intolerant hence the short outside time. At my parents she is outside most of the day and one of them is entertaining her the whole time she is there.Also I do discipline her when needed where my parents do not. My husband told me the other day that our daughter told him our son-in-law screams when turning into our neighborhood every time but not at my parents, but as I already said she is fine when daddy leaves. I wasn't sure I believed this until yesterday when I witnessed it for myself. My parents & I took her to the circus as soon as we turned into my neighborhood she wanted to know where we were going, I told her to take me home, then to her house. She started crying she didn't want to go to my house. When we pulled up to the house I kissed her goodbye and got out of the car ASAP because I felt like I was going to vomit. I am just beside myself and have no idea why she doesn't like coming to my house. Any ideas,helps,or words of encourgement will be appericated.


Katherine - posted on 06/24/2012




2 year old's are fickle. It's nothing you've done wrong, she just doesn't know what she wants.

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