why does my 5 year old laugh when im disciplinging her? HELP!

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my five year old will be put in a corner for something that she did that was wrong. usually the first time she does something i pull her aside and tell her that wasnt good behavior and then make her say it back to me so she understands it. the next time she gets corner time for five minutes and then is asked why she is in the corner. she usually knows what she did wrong and then i explain again to her why it was wrong. if she couldnt answer then she goes back into the corner for another 5 minutes. but lately ive been asking her what shes doing wrong and then when i go to explain why its wrong and put it in a way that she would understand; she starts smirking and trying to hold off a smile.. like its a joke or that im playing around. how can i get her to realize that im not kidding and that im being serious with the punishment?! and some of the things still dont register with her. for example i talked to her the first time she kicked the dog and the second time she was put in the corner... not even an hour later she hit the dog with a stick..? is this normal? shes normally a good kid but lately it seems as if shes getting out of control. Then the very next day were having the same issues. does anyone have any advice or other things to try?


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Since she laughs at time outs, it's probably time to try something new. They don't work on my daughter either. The way she sees it is 'big deal, so I have to be bored for 5 minutes, who cares?' I take away a privilage when my kid acts up. Sometimes it's her wii, or movies (we don't have cable) and she loses that privilage for the day. She gets one verbal warning and if she misbehaves again, her wii is gone until tomorrow. If she throws a fit over it, or misbehaves again later, she loses it for 2 days. Then I ask her if she wants to go for three. Usually she doesn't. Once though, she actually got all the way up to a week. You really have to be able to stand your ground with that one though. You have to say what you mean and mean what you say.


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DoubleA - posted on 03/16/2012




Thanks. I am going to try both of these things. At separate times tho. They were very helpful.

Krista - posted on 03/16/2012




Some people laugh when they're nervous -- it's a bit of a tic. I do that all the time, and often got in trouble with my parents for the same reason. I would just ignore it, explain what she did wrong and (this is KEY) explain the behaviour that you would LIKE to see instead, and then ask her if she understands. And don't be disappointed if it takes a lot of repetition for it to register.

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