Why does my 6 month old son cry everytime i give him solids?

Lisa - posted on 08/29/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 6 month old son has been on solids for a few weeks now. He started eating them really well the firstweek or so now everytime i feed him solid food he shuts his lips and wont open up. And starts crying everytime i put the spoon near his mouth. I know he isnt full as he has a bottle at around 3pm and will have dinner at around 5pm. So he cant be full. I dont know what to do! am i doing something wrong? As soon as i give him his bottle he will calm down but he will only eat about 2 mouthfuls of solids. He eats his breakfast fine and gobbles that right up but the problem is with dinner. Any suggestions?


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He might just not want it. Which is fine. Just give him a bottle in place of it. Depending on how close that is to bed, he might be looking for the comfort of the bottle.


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sounds like to me that he isn't ready yet. Yes a baby at 6 months will try baby foods. the "ones. but they will try it and then sometimes not want it. don't push it on him. if he is drinking baby formula...then he will tell you that he is full by drinking it.he will only eat a little at the get go and slack off and later on he will try it again.it is best to give him a couple of spoons to start and if he don't want anymore don;t force him. you are doing fine.. he just wants his bottle.

also sometimes when it comes to the dinner baby food it is yuck..taste it.. he might not like it. my son did eat the oatmeal baby food at the beginning and not the dinner stuff. try the fruit. like bananas or vanilla puddin. but don't give it to him all at once. he has to gradually eat it with a bottle too. a couple of bites each day..he little stomach isn't used to it yet.. when he is about 9 months old..you will see a big change. my son is now 1 he still drinks formula probable 1-2 times a day and eats baby food, like fruit, dinners, oatmeal, mashed potatoes. now you can try this...whatever you are eating...blend it up in the blender with a little water added to it and try it that way.but remember...don't push him and don't overload him with the food. only a little to start so his body can adjust to it or you can cause him to throw up.

hope this helps you out.

( if anyone is wondering why i don't have any capitalizations in this post is because i was just typing what i was thinking and not fulling with the shift button. the reason why i wrote this is because alot of people has problems with so called errrors and so on)

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Don't try to force him to eat more solids.He's not ready. Solids shouldn't replace breastmilk or formula before 12mths. Food before one is just for fun.

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