why does my baby throws tantrums

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hi i have a now 7 month old as of yesterday and every sence he was 3 months old he has thrown tantrums i have takin him to the doc she said if i have done all the ness witch i have than let him cry it out we have taking him on walks car rides bought him many new toys such as a jumperroo a walker , swing many diff nois maker nothing works he just crys and crys and crys he almost sounds like mariah carrys hight pitch but he is crawling and we wont let him in stuff so than he will throw his self back and flip out som time this will go on for days on end help me someone i am scard iam going to go into postpartum depression if i cant concer this


Krista - posted on 03/20/2012




This post is a duplicate of one that you have already asked, so I will be locking it. And if you are confining your 7-month old in his bedroom for two hours while he screams and injures himself, then I would highly advise you to seek out help NOW.

Thank you.

Krista E.

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we put him in his bedroom and he throws hisself around he his his eye on his baby gate and bruised it he will sit in ther and scream for hours on end i times it and he literly screamed for like 2 hours none stop

Kristy - posted on 03/19/2012




If there is nothing wrong with him medically, he is fed, warm enough and has a clean bum then ignore the tantrums. The best way for them to stop is to completly ignore the tantrum, don't watch the child and let it pass. It will take a while but they do stop when they realise that it doesn't get mums or dads attention.

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