Why does my ex

Erica - posted on 07/25/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




why does my ex's wife want to harrass me? I just found out they recently got married. (great!) I m really happy for them, now please stay out of my life so i can go on with it.

My oldest child is telling me things as my 2 nd half of parenting time is going on this summer of what his 'SM' thinks of me. of course they are not good things. I cant control SM and what she wants to say and I can only control what I do. If I mention to my ex he thinks Im starting trouble.

I want to say I dont doubt this behaviour of 'SM' for one second, i believe my child becuz it sounds just like her to say. I just wish she would STFU already and move on with my ex and leave me be.

Sorry if i sound cruel but I have put up w/ it for the past 2 yrs. what is sad is i dont think it will ever end.

have you had extra drama like this?

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