why does my toddler stay sick

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it feels like mia is the only baby on earth that seems to be always sick. she contracts a different illness every month. i give her immune boosters, no one is aloud smoking nearby her. she eats a very healthy diet and gets plenty of good rest. i dont know what els to do......

it most things like ear infection, and had grommets put in this may month past. she has had measles and so much more. chest problems most of the time. what can i do. please help me.


Randi - posted on 01/30/2013




Imagine my child. She started pre-school back in August. No joke my daughter has NOT attended one full week of school since the start. She misses every single week. Im at my wits end. I took her back and forth and all I get from the md is that she needs to build immunity. I completely agree and understand that. However, I can see a child who needs to build their immunity getting sick every month or even bi weekly. Not my daughter she is every week. She usually only gets 2-3 days in school. Im paying alot of money every month for her not even to go a full week. I dont know what else to do. Any suggestions?

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Some kids are more susceptible to ear infections than others, and other respiratory illnesses can make things worse. I'd be more concerned about the chest problems you mentioned - is it possible she has pertussis? And is she it daycare? Has she been evaluated for allergies or asthma by her doctor? I'm not sure what you mean by "immune boosters" but the best thing you can do to protect her from common viruses is practice good hygiene. Make sure she's washing her hands (with a non-antimicrobial soap). Keep her away from sick kids whenever you can.

Sharon - posted on 09/28/2009




How in the world did she get the measels? Wasn't she vaccinated for that?

Have you taken her to have her blood tested? Could she have some sort of immunodeficiency? Talk to her ped about having her tested.

Amy - posted on 09/28/2009




i know where your coming from i am a mum of four and my 9 year old was very much like that. it felt like he had everything, reflux, ecsma, ear infections leading to grommets, broncelitis and even a bout of pnemonia at 16 months. but now being older he seems to have built up a good immune system, more so than his siblings. by all means get bubs iron levels and general well being checked out to be sure but sometimes its the kids like ours that have better health when they are older because of fighting illness in the early years.

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