Why doesn't my 10 year old care about anything?

Amanda - posted on 04/11/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son who will be 11 in August 2012, is struggling big time. He is not doing well in school at all, and is on the verge of failing 5th grade. We have exhausted all of our ideas and resources trying to help him, but he does not seem to want to help himself. He also is lying ALL OF THE TIME. He lies about the smallest things and will deny it to the end. The part of this that confuses me is that he is so well mannered and respectable for the most part. He rarely talks back and always responds to us with a yes ma'am or yes sir. We recently took him to the doctor and they diagnosed him with ADD. We were against medicine for a very long time but it was a last resort type thing. Since being on the medicine he has improved a little, but is already starting to fall back into old habits. I do not know what to do anymore.. He is grounded 50% of the time, we took away everything, gave him chores.. Nothing works.. I need help, please!

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