Why dont village school kids accept outsiders.

Tracy - posted on 05/09/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




We sent both our children to a village school and regret this because they only want to play with the local children who live in the village.Why are they so clicky.


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 05/09/2014




You are not getting it. It IS human nature to exclude the unfamiliar and include the familiar.

I'm betting that, at one time or another, you found yourself in a similar situation, where you were in a group of people...you knew some, but didn't know others...Where do you naturally gravitate? To the people you KNOW.

I didn't say it's CORRECT to behave that way, but that is WHY the behaviour occurs. Perhaps its time for you to teach your kids how to exert themselves, invite others over for play, quit waiting for THEM to make the first move.

They're going to experience these types of behaviour their entire lives. If you teach them how to handle it now...it's better for everyone if they learn how to handle different social situations.


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Dove - posted on 05/09/2014




I don't think I understand the problem at all. If they all live in the village and they all play in the village... who are the outsiders?

If YOUR kids are rudely excluding other kids... that is your situation to work on. If other kids are excluding YOUR kids... then you just help them to look for friends elsewhere.

I don't like kids knocking on my door to play w/ my kid. If he wants to go outside and play when the other kids in our 'village' are outside... he goes outside and plays.

Tracy - posted on 05/09/2014




It is not human nature.It is cruel and selfish by both the child and parent.Having young kids at a primary school can leave bad memories for a lifetime.Even though we have now moved to the village the local kids still don't knock for them to play.Is that a welcome.

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