why is he addicted to xbox!!

Rossy - posted on 02/20/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm 5months pregnant and my bf is addicted to video games he's stuck I this unreal world and needs to get out! He doesn't work and has his mom supporting us. It's been like that for about 1yr and a few months. One time he never stepped foot outside for 9mnths!!! That's how addicted he got .. I cry myself to sleep hoping god helps me but I see no change. If he doesn't work I have to. Someone has to support my daughter and I wont be him, he makes me miss my interviews and doesn't let me work... I feel like I'm in hell, what did I fall into... Pls give me advice. We used to be so good we used to have fun all the time.. What happened


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Michelle - posted on 02/21/2015




You need to run away now, he's not going to change.
I agree with Jodi that you really shouldn't have fallen pregnant with his baby.
God can't help you, only YOU can help yourself. You need to leave and make sure you can provide a good home for your child.

Jodi - posted on 02/21/2015




I am so sorry you made a decision to have a baby with this man. It was a bad choice. He was like this before you got pregnant to him, and he isn't showing any signs of changing. I hope you didn't think having a baby would change things.

What do you mean he makes you miss interviews and won't let you work? If he is controlling you like that, not only is he a loser, but he is also being emotionally abusive and controlling. There are so many red flags in your post, I actually strongly advise you to get out of the relationship. As long as his mother continues to enable him, he's not going to make any changes.

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