Why is it so hard to get my 3 year old to start doing number 2 in the potty?

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Hello all, I am a 38 year old full-time working mom with older children (19, 14 and 3). My three year old boy refuses to do number 2 in the toilet. He does number 1 in the toilet with no issues, but he would literary scream from the top of his lungs if I make him sit on the toilet.

My hubby, which stays home with him also tries to train him to go to the toilet but he cries and screams as if we are punishing him. In this case, he will hold it in for 2 to 3 days and would go to a corner and finally do it standing up on his underwares or a diaper. I know this is not healthy and I never had this problems with my girls. Why am I having such a big problem to potty-train him? Please help!


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He has to want to do it. It took me 10 months to get my daughter to finally do it, and she does it no just fine. A lot of kids are scared of going in the toilet because from what the doctor told me they feel like they're losing a part of themselves (apparently they don't feel this way in diapers because they don't actually see it get flushed away) Try talking to him that every one does it and it's a good thing. Try not to punish him because this will only add to his anxiety about it. I tried every kind of bribe you can imagine with my daughter and nothing worked. Little by little I got her to sit on the potty for a few minutes at a time, after a while she'd sit there for long periods of time but not actually go so I started giving her books to distract her. One day she was sitting on the potty looking at a book, completely distracted, she was relaxed enough to actually go. We made a huge deal about it let her call grandma and auntie to tell them what a big girl she is. It was a long 10 months for us, but when she was ready she did it. Your son will too.

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