Why is it taking so long to get pregnant?

Kelly - posted on 10/27/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi Moms~

I am 19 years old.. Engaged& Have been ttc for about 6 months now.. I was on depo shot for 8 months about 1 year ago.. My periods came back about 4 months after not taking the shot.. I am worried it has something to do with me not conceiving yet? I take prenatals daily& My partner and I are sexually active at least once a day.. I feel like every one around me is getting pregnant but me?:/ And I'm not taking it very well.. My fiance has a 2 year old already so I know its not something wrong with him.. I get a pap twice a year&They said everything looks great&Healthy.. Please, Can someone help me??? I would like some advice and to know why its taking longer than expected??

Thank You In Advance!!!{:


Amy - posted on 10/27/2012




When we were trying to conceive my doctor actually told us to have sex every 2-3 days and not everyday. Your doctor probably won't do anything until you've been trying at least a year.

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