Why is my 2 year old suddenly not sleeping?


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Stacey - posted on 07/07/2011




i don't have much to help you but i am just writing to let you know i am going through the exact same thing :'( ever since my lil one was born she has never been hard to settle,we just used to put her in bed then give her a bottle and close the door and she would fall asleep all alone in a dark beedroom but the last 5 nights have been a total different story!i really don't know what has got into her and tbh i really am starting to pull my hair out now! like you i have also tried everything but nothing works i just want to cry cos of how bad she gone lol.but i hope and pray my lil one and your lil one manage to settle soon.don't think i can take much more.good luck hun.x

Amy - posted on 07/07/2011




My daughter has just turned two and all of a sudden she won't go to bed. We've not had problems with putting her down since Colic and now she screams the house down for hours if we don't let her play downstairs.

I've tried reading, singing, ignoring, sitting quietly but nothing works! What could have brought this on? Are there any tips because I'm going out of my mind.


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