why is my 4yr old is so angry

Amanda - posted on 05/28/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son the only child in the family, so hes spoiled..everyone buys him toys he exspects people to jjust give him everything, grandparents uncles family friends. hes always getting out of the house doing something he has daycare tues threw mon, but normally everyday we do something take walks down to the grandparents take out hs battery powered car bike rides fishing, he will walk with pepere to family friends house this child is always doing something.. now when it comes to in the house,(grandparents baby sit, I work night shift 3days per week) at grandparent he will play on the ipad or legos before bed and they let him sleep with him. now the problem is he get mad at everything... if he is trying to get dressed and the undies get pulled down with the pants screams whines throws himself, can fix a toy scream crys throws himself. he hates to share he will have a whole bucket of toys wont share will actually hit the other child, if I take him to the park he finds one little girl to play with and he doesn't want to play with anyone else he will hit the child. hes fresh at home I tell him to do something or stop and he doesn't want to,.. he will threaten me tell me he wants to get rid of me or hes going to tell the cops on me... one reason why I don't spank him anymore!!.. for displine he gets 4min timeouts or if really bad he will sit on his bed and get a stuffy take away for 1 to 2days. and will have to stayin the house..weve been trying to correct this problem for a year.he did have multiple babysitters I thought if was bounced around less it would get better but it hasn't actually got worse.


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 05/28/2014




Constant and consistent redirection and applicable discipline.

Stop letting everyone buy and do everything for him.

Explain, when he melts down, why that's not ok, and what he can do to prevent the problem next time (for example, undies slipping...show him how to hold the undies with one hand whilst pushing the top layer down with the other)

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