Why is my 5 month old suddenly struggling to go to sleep?

Laura - posted on 04/20/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 5 month old was an ok sleeper, she took her two naps a day and awoke twice a night. But for the past couple of weeks she has been really struggling to go to sleep. She will be in her crib but tosses and turns and cries as if she can't get comfortable, i tried rocking her, putting music on but nothing seems to help her get comfortable. Any suggestions?? I know she's teething I give her orajel every now and then when she gets really frustrated, but she also wakes up around 5 times a night.... I haven't had a good sleep in weeks! PLEASE HELP!! first time mom


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Katherine - posted on 04/20/2012




Try an off brand of Tylenol. Infants. That sounds like teething pain. I don't use orajel because it could numb her throat and cause her to choke. Not always but why take the risk? Also Hylands Teething Tablets are awesome, try those also.

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