WHy is my 6 month old fussy, not eating, or sleeping well??

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I don't understand she has been an easy baby up until last week! She now all of a sudden wont go down for her naps or bed easily!! she screams and cries and I don't know why! :( She wakes up crying now I'm barely gettting any sleep I'm exhausted I NEED HELP! i don't understand why out of no where she is having trouble sleeping and she isn't eating as much. It used to be when she woke up in the middle of the night i could just nurse her and she would go right back to sleep! not really the case any more. Any ideas why!?


Louise - posted on 05/11/2012




This sounds like teething to me. Make sure you apply teething gel to her gums 10 minutes before you want her to eat. Apply again when she wakes in the night and give her some paracetamol if things are getting really bad. Also give her plenty of things to chew on in the day. You can buy things that you put in the fridge for her to chew that cool the gums and will provide her some relief.

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I'm pretty sure she is just teething she just went to the doctor and her ears were fine. Also we are going to be moving her crib out of the bed room next weekend once her room is finally finished getting painted. Hopefully she will sleep better through the night then :)


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Savannah - posted on 05/11/2012




Sounds like it could possibly be an ear infection as well. Check her ears for seepage, and tenderness. Babies tend to get fussy when they are put down with an ear infection because it hurts to be horizontal, and sitting is much more comfortable. Try laying her down on an angled mattress (pillow under one end) and see if it helps. She could also be suffering from acid reflux. Your best option is to talk with your daughter's pediatrician and have her evaluated for an illness.

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