Why is my daughter all over me


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OMG, my 3 1/2 year old girl has always been super glued to me. When she gets tired she will pet me. Ha, ha she will pet my arms, my pregnant belly, and she wants to pet my hair. She will try to stick her arms thru the arm holes in my shirt & she will nuzzle her head against me like a cat. She has always been like this, she is the oldest at 3, and I also have a 2 yr & 1yr old as well as being 8 months pregnant. Some days it can be a bit much, but I think it is harmless. She is otherwise a very happy & extroverted child. On the days I have had enough, I remind myself to savor these days because by the time she is 16 she probably won't want to have anthing to do with me.

Kelina - posted on 10/24/2011




lol my son gets the same way when i'm pregnant. When i got pregnant with my daughter he loooooved to cuddle and after she came out not so much. We've just found out i'm pregnant with number 3 and all of a sudden he's cuddly again! I love it, i lvoe cuddling with him. But to tone it down a bit try including her in the things you do everyday like cooking and cleaning and stuff. Play with her, watch movies if she'll watch them with you. She's enjoying having mommy home for a bit!

Dominique - posted on 10/23/2011




she is 2 but im with child now and she just appears to be very clingy now. im unemployed right now

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