why is my hair so brittle


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Bobbie - posted on 10/03/2012




Over dry and over processed. If you color your hair the ends need not be recolored each time. Only apply hair color to new growth for the time stated. The simple act of washing it out will allow your ends to absorb some of the color.

If you are of mixed heritage your hair will not be oily, as some may think, but will be excessily dry, no matter how curly. A shampoo only once a week is for cleaning. A coconut oil light rinse every two days will moisture it.

If you are just battling the super dry, course hair then you require additional moisture throughout the hair. The ends are just more noticeable to you but chances are the full hair shaft is weak and breaking off leaving those little brittle ends that you see. A leave in conditioner is a must. It is also necessary to not be a victim of a hairstyle. Victims of a certain hair style resist change of any routine so they shampoo and then style their hair every day just because of the look they achieve, not because it is dirty. You can reactivate the hair style with a spritz of fresh warm water in a spray bottle with just a touch of conditioner mixed in. Once hair is wet enough to restyle use a heat protective spray every time you plan to use heat such as blow dryer or flat iron.

It is also important to use the same product line rather than one product from a line and they a different conditioner and hair balm and hairspray. When a line comes out with it's products it may have ingredient lacking in say the conditioner because an abundance of that ingredient is found in the shampoo, therefor giving you the correct needed amount to a finished look.

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