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My son will be 4 months on the 27th and this last month he has been a terror. When he was first born we had him on Breast milk for 5 days then he had problems latching so we switched to Enfamil Premium and he had gas and tummy issue's. So about a month later we switched him to Enfamil Gentlease and he would vomit by the ounce. For the past 2 months he has been eating Enfamil Prosobee and was doing great. We were mixing rice cereal in with 2 bottles a day for his reflex and things were fine. He however was getting constipated, but he liked the formula. Just about three weeks ago he started spitting up constantly and it looks like curdled milk. He is so fussy and nothing seems to make him happy and these last two days it's like he can't get enough food he is eating 8oz in 2 hours and is so fussy and napping 15 minutes at a time when he does nap. His next appointment isn't until Jan 7th but I need some advice because I feel like I am on my way to the mental institution. Thank you God Bless and Happy Holidays


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Cat napping is unfortunately very common, around half of all babies do it, usually between 4 and 7 months and it often ends when they start crawling. However, 15 minutes is short even for a catnapper (30-40 minutes usually). I have seen 15 minute sleeps many times in reflux babies who need medication. I would suggest discussing medication at your next doctors visit. Babies also have trouble staying asleep when they are overtired. At his age he should be awake for never more than 1.5 hours at a time. As he is already tired from not sleeping well it is probably more like 45 minutes at a time for now. Overtired babies also have difficulty judging whether they are hunger and how much food they need and are more likely to confuse comfort feeding with needing food. It sounds to me like you have a combination of pain from reflux, which has caused some feeding issues and sleeping issues and then the overtiredness has perpetuated the rest. It is a very common story.

Also, there are thickeners that are designed for mixing with baby formula to help it stay in the tummy which are much better than using rice cereal - talk to a pharmacist.


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We tried all kinds of formula and everything because mine was always fussy and got pretty constipated. The dr even had us put him on Miralax, which I DO NOT recommend. What fixed it all was probiotics! We give him Natren Life Start daily and now he poops 2xs/day (it took 4 days to really get in his system so give it a good weeks run before you make any decisions). We were even able to put him back on regular formula. His reflux has gotten better with age but we also have to put cereal in his bottle. Instead of rice cereal try single grain oatmeal cereal. Rice is very constipating but the oatmeal has more fiber.

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Elevate the mattress a litttle (put a towel under it so its tilted up) to help with the acid reflux. if he lays down right after eating, the acid reflux is bothering him & its able to come right back up. i personally think Enfamil is the devil & have mine on Gerber Good start Gentle Plus. Enfamil has given alot of babies i know tummy aches

Also, 4 months & again @ 6 months they hit another growth spurt. So sleeping & eating alot is common. mine screamed 24/7 for the 1st 4 months, & it wasnt until i started her on solids did it ease up. a very lil bit of Camomile's tea can help too.

i LOVE this thing. just click on whats wrong & it will help you narrow down what the issues are:

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Sounds like your baby has ALLERGIES/ INTOLLERNCES.
Most common are dairy which most formulas are based on.
Stop using "normal" formula and try and get a soy one (though soy is also a very common allergen) or try one of those super hydrolised ones. Best option would be, like JuLeah suggested, to go back on breastmilk.

Once the dairy (or other substance found in formulas you have used) is eliminated then the vomiting should subside and the reflux will definitively stop! And you should see a very happy and pleasant baby boy :-)
That is what happened when we eliminated the allergens from my girls diet (both dairy and soy for her)
Good luck!

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My baby was like that and I was on my way to the mental hospital too. Finally after me telling any professional who would listen that she vomited a lot and cried ALL the time someone diagnosed reflux. It took a while because the vomiting wasn't projectile enough for them!!

The first medication she got was Zantac - the heartburn medication which helped with the crying but her vomiting got worse and the crying came back.

After four days of crying and trying to get a pediatric appt I took her to emergency where she was admitted and they gave us a better heartburn medication (can't remember the name) and also a special thickener called Gavison that I had to give her after a breastfeed - I mixed it with some water and gave it in a syringe at first then a bottle later.

It was more work but once I got used to it it became easy and she was SO MUCH BETTER it was worth the extra time.

Hope it all goes well.

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He is fussy because he is sick, in pain, hungery, and pissed about it.

I am not there and can't say for sure, but it sounds like your son is having an alergic reaction to something in the brand you are using.

I was, sadly, put on formula as an infant. I had an alergic reaction to milk, they kep switching formulas but all were milk based.

The doctors, in their wisdom, stated me on solid foods at three week becuase I was not eating. I developed an allergy to nearly everything they put into my body becuase my system was far too under developed to handle foods or food like subatances that had been cooked up in a lab.

I was such a sick baby, and knowing what I know now about diet, I know it didn't have to happen.

My mother listened to the doctors becuase she believed they knew. Doctors know nothing about such things and parents have to become the experts.

If there is a way to get him back on breast milk do

so. There are programs that offer breast milk to kids who are adopted or for some reason don't have access to it. If you can produce and pump, put the breast milk into a bottle and offer it to him that way.

I can't say for sure what is going on, but doubt that anything cooked up in a lab will offer him what he needs.

I have friends who adopted and it is really easy to hook up with breast feeding programs.

I have emotion about this bcause I, as an adult, live with brittle bones, joint issues, stunted growth .... all because I was malnurished as a baby

Good luck

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My daughter started teething when she was 3 months and she had all these problems. The spitting up I was told by the doctor is because there is extra saliva they are swallowing which upsets their stomach. Everyone told me teething babies were prone to lose bowel movements but my daughter always had a hard time pooping. She had a horrible time sleeping and there were days where no matter what I did she wouldn't be happy. The only thing that worked was the swing which I let her sleep in and even just rest in when I was trying to get things around the house done... the constant rocking motion and music would help soothe her. As for eating a lot, my daughter always seemed to eat more when she spit up a lot, I guess because she wasn't actually digesting the formula and staying full.

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Try some Rooibos Tea (Red Tea) in his bottle - let it steep for 5-7 minutes, cool down until luke warm. It's an old remedy that's been used for decades in South Africa. This is not to replace any nutrition, but it is caffeine free and very soothing to babies.

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First, understand that kids' apetites WILL fluxuate: Hunger will increase when they grow and they will lose their hunger when that growth spurt slows. With that in mind, it could be a natural growth spurt that your son is going through right now causing him to eat more.

The other issue that could be happening is he could be starting to teethe. Yup, some babies start cutting teeth that early! The pain and mouth discomfort can cause babies to get quite cranky. For that you can try an infant pain reliever or Orajel for the gums.

If you are worried about weight gain/loss, consult your doctor right away. Your physician can help you figure out what might be going on and help develop treatment options for your son. Hope this helps and good luck!

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