Why my 2 year old poops on her pants still?

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My 2 year old daughter refuses to go to potty. She poops and Pee in her pants all the time. She can talk very well and express her feelings in all matters except this. This, she neglects to do on purpose. If I remember and take her to potty , she shouts and refuses to sit.how to change this behavior. We are Asians and not putting diapers all the time because of the whether. Even Doctors advice not to put in the night. But I do that to have a better sleep.


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Amy - posted on 01/08/2013




My daughter was 2 years 5 months when she potty trained and we didn't push it and once we started she got it there was no fighting or screaming involved. The more you force it the more you are going to prolong the process, because it's going to become a battle of wills.

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Tharuka, by shouting, refusing to sit, etc, she IS expressing her feelings of not being ready to take on that step in her life.

It's not about how old the child is, really, it's about when THEY are ready. You may not realize this, but to a 2 yo, the diaper is security. It's a constant. It's a really scary thing to change that constant, and learn a new one.

My eldest potty trained himself at 12 months, was back in diapers at 18 mo, and finally got the total routine figured out by the time he was 3. You're making it a power struggle, and the likely result will be that you are continuing this struggle as she gets into her school age years.

Stop making it about your schedule of what you think she needs to be doing at what ages. Let her tell you when she's ready. She's not right now.

Ariana - posted on 01/08/2013




I would really put a diaper on her and just let it go. If she's blatently refusing either she's not ready, or even if she is she doesn't want to and this is becoming more about a power struggle than actually using the potty.

I would just tell her, ok, it's your body and if you don't want to use the potty you don't have to, and allow her to stay in diapers all the time. Don't push her to use it, don't 'pretend' not to care in the hopes of reverse psychology, just tell her it's ok and let her have the diaper.

After a couple of months try again, but right now this is turning into a battle and it's a battle you can't win. Better for her to decide when she wants to go then have her start 'holding it' and getting constipated, because there are kids that start doing that.

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My daughter only just potty trained fully about 2 months ago and will be 3 in March. I had tried on and off for a year until all the other kids at daycare were going to the toilet then I kept getting told "I'm a big girl now"

She will do it in her own time. The main thing to do is not push it as it will take longer.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 01/08/2013




My daughter is 2 years 7 months and STILL will not potty train. She is very smart, but does not want to take the challenge on no matter how hard we try. Don't stress yourself out to much. It is pretty normal. Kids don't have much control over anything in their lives, but they do about their pee and poop. When she is ready, she will do it. I keep having to remind myself of that.

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