why my children wake up screaming for no reason every night

Angi - posted on 04/11/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




for the past four years my son has never slept all night we put him in his own bed but after an hour or two he wakes up screaming some times when we go in to see to him it makes him worse it is really gettin to us now i have neibours that dont understand . the way my son goes on u wud think he was gettin baddly done to av tried just putting him in and not talking to him av tryed to sitting with him and my partner has even tryed taking him out of bed taking him down stairs till he calms down as av got a 3 year old and a 9 months old so when he wakes screamin he wakes everybody else up has anybody got any tips i was even thinking about taking him to see a doctor but dont know if it wud help i was even thinking a bout getting the house blessed just incase .


Belinda - posted on 04/11/2012




It sounds like he MAY be suffering from night terrors, If he wakes up screaming and you try to calm him, does the screaming just get worse and take longer to resolve? If so this may indeed be night terrors and it is horrible for the family (your son probably doesn't even remember it the next morning). Go and see your doctor, see what he says. Night terrors are similar to sleep walking so never try to wake or calm a child who is suffering from night terrors. In fact, the less you do the better and the faster it will resolve. If this happen every night there has to be a reason for it. So as I said previously, check with your doctor.

Sometimes it can be due to too little sleep. so make sure that he is getting plenty of sleep. How old is he and how many hours does he sleep at night?

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